In the 21st Century, the race is on to utilize our planet's resources more efficiently. PanAridus has taken up that mantle by marrying the science of bio-agriculture to the challenge of yielding higher crop levels in arid regions while using limited water wisely.

Thanks to the vision and hard work of our geneticists, seeds from a native Sonoran Desert plant called guayule (pronounced 'why-oo-lee') that produce a high-grade natural rubber, are growing with greater certainty and harvesting faster.
The science behind the strands.
The science behind our advanced guayule strains at our Arizona research facility will help family farmers around the world grow one of the world's most essential commodities.

Just as important, by unlocking the key to profitability at the farm gate, countless co-products can be developed, which address our needs more sustainably and reduce our dependence on petroleum based synthetic rubber.
100 years in the making.
It's been a hundred years since scientists like Thomas Edison and industrialists like Henry Ford had a meeting of the minds about the need for a natural supply of domestic rubber. At PanAridus, we're stretching that vision to meet the needs of today's world.