What's Guayule?
The U.S. imports 100% of it's natural rubber.
It's the second largest import behind petroleum.
It takes one barrel of oil to make a single tire.

Guayule is a plant native to the desert Southwest ideal for growing a domestic high-quality natural rubber alternative to the tropical hevea (rubber) tree or to petroleum-intensive synthetic rubber.

Because it's a native desert plant, guayule is drought tolerant and is adapted to be grown in arid regions around the world that don't have access to high concentrations of agricultural irrigation, but still need the products guayule can generate.

Even better, guayule is a sustainable crop because the entire plant is used either for rubber, resins or cellulosic feedstock for biomass.

  • Reduces reliance on petroleum-based synthetic rubber which is subject to price fluctuations due to global oil demand
  • Grown locally, creating jobs in rural communities
  • Adapted to arid climates and is a much more efficient user of water than traditional crops
  • Provides a secure, domestic and steady supply of a most precious commodity in a time of global uncertainty