Who Are We?
PanAridus is a collaborator with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.
PanAridus IP portfolio currently includes 12 patents for phenotypes, measuring equipment and extraction.
PanAridus is working on a $6.9 million grant to develop guayule polymers for tire manufacturing with Cooper Tire, USDA-ARS and Arizona State University.

Guayule research began about a hundred years ago. Combined, our team has a a century of expertise in how to turn guayule seeds into one of the key commodities of the next century.

Michael R Fraley
Founder & CEO PanAridus
Michael Fraley has been developing and launching successful agribusiness seed companies for domestic and international markets for the last 25 years. He is a third generation seedsman with extensive backgrounds in agribusiness, biotech and R & D. His travels have taken him to agricultural regions throughout the world to find ways to enhance productivity with proprietary seed.
Lauren Johnson
Dr. Lauren Johnson has been the Agricultural Research Director for PanAridus since May 2010. While at PanAridus, he has characterized the existing guayule germplasm resulting in a greater understanding of the relationship between plant morphology, rubber concentration, and rubber production per acre. His work has resulted in several proprietary guayule varieties.
Bruce King
Dr. Bruce King joined our team in 2013 as the Senior Polymer Researcher, leading our efforts to optimize our guayule natural rubber extraction process to ensure the highest grade polymer for our clients. Dr. King comes to PanAridus after a 32-year career in polymer research with Dow Chemical.
Biomass Research and
Development Initiative
In 2013, PanAridus joined with Cooper Tire, the United States Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service and Arizona State University on a $6.9 million grant to develop guayule plant-based polymers for use in tire manufacturing.
Ian Purtle
Ian was born and raised in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. He graduated from the 
University of New South Wales in 1967 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Later 
into his career, he obtained an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the 
University of Minnesota in 1992.
William Schloman
William Schloman is a consulting chemist with a 40-year background in the rubber and pharmaceutical industries.