How's Guayule Used?
65% of all rubber is used for tires and tubes.
After rubber is extracted,
60% of the feedstock is suitable for biofuels.

PanAridus is a bio-agricultural company, so we don't actually make products from rubber, just the latex from which rubber is made. From there, it can be turned into countless products.

So why guayule?

Today, nearly two-thirds of rubber is produced is use for tires and inner tubes for cars, trucks, and other vehicles, but currently the United States has to import all the natural rubber it uses or rely on unstable petroleum markets as the base of synthetic rubber.

With our current patented technology, guayule rubber could replace up to 30% of our domestic needs, giving rubber manufacturers and tire companies a stable source that neither has to be imported or forces us to compete for global supplies.

The resins from guayule are ideal for building materials, and its biomass is a cellulosic feedstock that produces clean energy to heat, cool and light homes and offices.

There's no waste
from guayule.

Every part of the
plant is used for
some purpose.